About Mystify

Mystify is an anonymous messaging app that lets you send anonymous messages to people around the world.

The world is massive. And yet, it feels much smaller once you’re connected by the internet. Sometimes our only desire is to be heard, by someone, somewhere. Someone who doesn’t know you, and wouldn’t judge you for who you are.

Share your story with the world

With Mystify, your voice can finally be heard. Using our app, you can speak your mind and we will ensure that your message makes it to someone. You can also receive messages from anonymous users located throughout the world.

Our Mission

We strive to foster communication by offering users a safe place to interact anonymously. We prioritize your privacy above all else, as we understand that being able to express yourself anonymously allows you to be more honest and open than you might be otherwise. Our service only collects a minimal amount of your personal data, ensuring that you can’t be identified by us or other users.